Top 5 Best Hair sprays for women in India Under 1200

Are you the one looking for the best hair sprays for women? Finally, your search for hair spray for women is over now. For instance, this is the right article for your solution on hair sprays for women for volume and hold.

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Likewise, shampoos, conditioners, hair serums even hair sprays at home should get a permanent place on your hair product shelf. Are you thinking about why? Just a few drops of hair spray are enough to maintain your hair, to give them volume and hold, make them shine.

No volume hair, dull-lifeless hair, flattened oily hair, super fine hair, dry with no-shine hair, and no structure to your hair is big hair issues. Also, a bad nightmare as well. For your dream of full volume and bouncy hair, nothing can do a miracle as hair sprays for volume can do.

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So let us understand different hair sprays for women in India, different types of hair spray for women, and their uses. To know more keep reading the article. Some hair spray you have never heard off also is revealed here.

Top 5 best hair sprays for women in India

To get the instant results for the hair-like pro, hair spray is here for your rescue. Correspondingly, we have picked out the best hair sprays for volume, stronghold, shine, texture, and finish that are available. Then, let it be fine, curly, silky, or any hair type. Of course, yes there are different types of hair sprays to fulfill different kinds of needs. Moreover, some hair sprays set hair all day, some give shine, some give volume.

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Here are the best hair sprays for women with price in India

1. Hair spray for volume

One of the biggest problems while dealing with your hair is having flattened and fine hair. Furthermore let it be curly hair, straight, silky, or any hair type, there is a most common issue of volume. Consequently, tired by using everything to give volume to your hair? Possibly, tried all tips and tricks to give your hair volume, but all in vain. Do not worry as we have a solution for you over here for any hair type-to instantly give more volume to your hair.

BBlunt Blown Amay Volumizing Leave-In Spray 11- Hair sprays for volume

Now, the secret of Salons in a bottle. Have you always wondered what might be the secret of Hair Professional Saloon? How they give that incredible volume and bounce to your hair? In short, reveal the secret here. You must use this cost-effective hair spray for volume.

This product best suits you if

  • You want instant hair spray for volume 
  • Best suits Indian hair types
  • Want to defend your from hair from pollution, heat styling, and hard water
  • Wanting that bouncy look

Suits for which hair type

These hair sprays for volume suits best for Indian Hair Types


BBlunt Blown Amay Volumizing Spray gives incredible volume and bounces with hydrolyzed wheat protein. Not only is hair spray for volume but also lifts them without compromising hair’s moisture balance. In the first place, this product is specially created to protect Indian Hair. Especially, it defends the hair against pollution and hard water. Particularly, hard water is a common issue in India.

Also, it hampers the hair adversely to a higher extent. Usually, hard water is laden with high minerals and salts, that damages your hair. Also, it results in hair fall and dullness to your hair, hair that looks flattened. These hair sprays are specially designed to instantly give more volume to your hair.


  • An expert to volumize your hair.
  • Leave-in-spray to give lift, volume and extra bounce to fine hair
  • Protects your hair from heat styling damage and environmental pollution
  • Best hair spray to defend your hair from salts and minerals present in hard water
  • Especially designed and created to compliment Indian weather and Indian hair types


Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Meadowfoam Seed Extract & Provitamin B5.


  • All-in-one, comprehensive hair care
  • Comes in easy to use, convenient spray bottle
  • Fabulously Prepped Hair
  • Gives your desired and great hair styling
  • Protect hair from heat styling damage
  • Also, it protects your hair from pollution
  • Rejuvenates your hair
  • Defends your hair from hard water


It only suits Indian hair type.

Direction to use

  1. Shake the spray bottle well before use
  2. Flip hair upside down and spray evenly on damp hair, focusing on roots
  3. Dry naturally or blow dry for full volume
  4. Style as you want
  5. It does not require water

Safety information

  • Spray it from a distance, Also, keep it away from eye contact
  • Again, in case of eye contact rinse immediately

Indications: These hair sprays are specially created for Indian Hair.

Quantity: 150 ml
Price: INR 495/-(Click On The Image Below To Buy Now)

2. Hair Spray for texture

Texturing hair spray are just like dry shampoos.Your can use them all your hair.It soaks up excess oil from your scalp.Also,this home sprays foe women do nor leave any white residue.

TIGI Bedhead Superstar Queen For A Day-Thickening Spray- Hair spray for texture and volume:

Are you the one who always dreamt of being a queen? Now, let’s convert your virtual dream into reality. Wondering how? As the name suggests, feel like a queen, look like a superstar just by putting your hands on this. Just have a glance at the best hair sprays for texture.

This product best suits you if

  • Best hair spray for super fine hair
  • No hairdo and hairstyles stay on your hair
  • Looking to provide hydration and moisture to dry hair
  • Also, you are looking good hair texture 

Suits for which hair type

This hair sprays for volume suits all hair types. Also, it best suits dry hair type. It is a hair spray for hydration and moisture.


What a volumizing spray, that creates a good texture. In particular, this spray is designed especially for the ones, whose style never stays longer than 15 minutes. To clarify, the right answer to this question is over here.

Palm Kernal Glycerides helps to create volume and texture to your hair. The result is thicker hair, fuller, and also voluminous. Moreover, this hair spray creates a plumping effect on your hair. Besides, your hair looks fuller with a bouncy look. By the way, you can hold any desired style that you want. If you have an issue with the lock of superfine hair and texture this product is the right key.


  • Consequently, it conditions your hair with a smooth and soft feel
  • Above all, this spray gives a fuller, voluminous and bouncy look
  • Likewise, it also provides long-lasting hold for hairstyles
  • Nevertheless, this spray is great for fine hair to add body


Water, PVP, dimethyl ether, sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol, linalool, limonene, geraniol, and many more.


  • Amazing fragrance
  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives them more voluminous and bouncy hair look
  • Generally, gives long-lasting hold to your hair
  • Amazing hairspray for superfine hair
  • Further, this spray is a miracle for those whose hairdo never stay longer
  • In the same vein, these hair sprays add body and good texture to any hair type


A little expensive


  1. Shake the bottle well before use
  2. Spray on roots to add lift or on mid-lengths to ends for texture
  3. Also, spray it on damp hair and blow-dry to get massive volume
  4. Style as desired

Safety information

  • Always spray from a safe distance
  • In case of contact with eyes immediately rinse with water.
Quantity: 311 ml
Price: INR 1200/- (Click on the image Below to buy now)
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3. Hair spray for Strong hold

Hair spray for hold means how well the hair stays in place after spraying it.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hair spray- Hair spray for hold, shine and volume:

Elnett Satin is the legendary hair spray. For the matter of fact, it is the hair spray of choice for an extra glamorous look. Your red carpet events and cover photo shoots can never be complete without this hair spray for hold. Again, as the name suggests it’s not only the hair spray that gives stronghold but also gives that satin-soft celebrity texture to your hair with volume. These are 2 in 1 hair spray for volume and shine.


L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray is a stronghold hair spray with a clean, soft, shiny finish. This Satin Spray can be called as Mother of all Hairspray. Meanwhile, the product has been in the market for years and has gained popularity. Let it be any hair professional, every one uses this hairspray regularly. These are the best hair spray hold and volume. Though, it has a stronghold yet it is brushable with the comb.

This product best suits you if

  • You want hairspray to hold and volume
  • Spray that also gives that satin, shiny and smooth hair look
  • Stronghold spray
  • Humidity Resistant Spray

Suits for which hair type

This hair spray for strong hold,shine,volume suits for all hair type, hairstyle and hair color


  • Formulated with micro-diffusion technology
  • Stronghold hairspray,11.0 Ounce
  • Gives instantly more volume to your hair
  • Extra stronghold with a shiny, soft, satin finish
  • You can easily comb your hair after application of hair spray also
  • It has the strongest hold but doesn’t harden your hair.


Alcohol denat, Parfum, Dimethicone, Aminomethyl Propanol, and many more.


  • Travel friendly
  • Provides extra strong hold for hairstyles
  • Best for voluminous style
  • Extra strong hold for color-treated hair
  • It does not harden your hair
  • Long-lasting hold with perfect shine and a satin touch
  • Also, has an amazing fragrance
  • Resists humidity
  • Eventually, it does not leave any white residue after spray




  1. Firstly remove the security tab and shake well before use
  2. Remember to spray from at least 12 inches away
  3. In like manner, it distributes mist evenly over hair.
  4. To create more volume make hair sections, lift one-one sections, and spray underneath each section.

Safety information

  • Make a point to spray from a safe distance
  • Always, keep it away from eye contact
  • In case of eye contact rinse immediately
Quantity: 11 Ounce
Price: INR 1195/- (Click on the image below to buy now)

4. Thermal hair spray

If you do heat-styling, then you should definitely use this thermal spray. t is a protective barrier for your hair. gain, protects your hair from getting damaged.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray

Do you want to protect your hair from heat damages? Here, is a perfect solution hair spray for you.


The perfect formula with Heat-Protect System protects your hair very effectively from getting damaged. Also, it provides moisture and is very lightweight. Not only this hair spray for women smoothens your hair but also reduces frizz. Your hair might totally get damaged if this spray is not used before using hair straighteners and other heating machines.

This product best suits

If you want to protect your hair from heat damage.

Suits for which hair type

All hair types.


  • Heat Protection up to 220-degree Celcius
  • Cares without overweighing
  • If it is used with a Blow-Dryer, Spray  evenly on towel-dried hair and then blow-dry
  • Provides hydration to frizzed hair and smoothen them


Aqua,Alcohol Denat,Phosphoic acid,wheat protein,hydrolysed silk and many more.


  • Heat Protection Spray
  • Smoothens hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Provides Moisture
  • Convenient product design
  • Non-greasy
  • Affordable Price
  • Travel friendly
  • One bottle goes for long


  • 1.No shine added
  • 2.Does not control frizz

Direction to use

  1. If used with blow dryer,spray evenly on towel then & then blow dry
  2. When used with hot irons,first dry your hair completely

Safety Information

  • Keep away from eye contact
  • Hold the spray at least 12 inches away.
Quantity: 200ml
Price: INR 595/-

5. Finish hair spray

Finish spray are those hair spray foe women that add a dose of shine to your finished hairstyle.

Cetus Argan Oil Hair Spray

Packed with the goodness of Argan Oil, this is an excellent hair spray.


Cetus Argan Oil is a finished hair spray with long-lasting effects and extra finish. The lightweight formula provides a stronghold keeping the hair healthy soft at the time. Cetus hair building fibers keep hair in place all day long even in water if you found yourself in strom or even breeze. You do not have to worry about your looks anymore.

This product best suits

  • If you are looking for finish spray
  • Stronghold spray
  • Natural Ingredients

Suits for which hair type

All hair type


  • Contains natural plants extracts
  • 100 % free from hair damaging
  • Keeps hair fibers set under every situation


Sulfates, Phosphate, Mineral Oil and Parabens, Argan Oil, Alchohol, Water, and many more

Key Benefits

  • Hydrates hair
  • Rejuvenates hair
  • Strengthens hair
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Keeps hair healthy and glossy
  • Water-resistant
  • Resists humidity

Direction to use

  1. Firstly remove the security tab and shake well before use
  2. Remember to spray from at least 12 inches away
  3. In like manner, it distributes mist evenly over hair.

Safety Information

  • Spray from safe distance
  • Keep away from eyes.
Quantity: 30ml
Price: INR 680/-

Benefits of hair sprays for women

Hair Spray is the hair grooming product used for different uses on hair. The list of uses include-to gives hair volume, to hive strong hold to hair, to enhance shine, for good texture, for bouncy hair, long-lasting hairstyles. Hair spray for women is available for different results, for different hair types in various brands.

Hair sprays uses

1. Adds Volume to hair

 To begin with, when your hair lacks volume it looks lifeless and dull. Also, such hair does not look bouncy. And, every woman dreams of hair that is super bouncy and full of volume.

2. Provides stronghold to superfine hair:

 If your hair is fine and lacks hold you might not get the desired hairstyle or hairdo. No volume hair, flattened hair, lifeless dull hair, flattened oily hair, super fine hair, dry with no-shine hair, and no structure to your hair restrain you from holding any style for your hair. Also, hairstyles may not last for a longer time for such hair. Hair spray is only the magic that will work here

3. Hair spray for Shine:

If your hair is dull, lifeless dry without shine the only solution to instantly get rid of it is hair spray for shine.

4. Hair spray to protect hair from heating effect:

Hair spray is a must to protect your hair from any heating effect that damages your hair badly.

5. Hair spray for perfect hairdo:

Hairspray for women for perfect hairdo and hairstyles are must, They are a must if you are avoiding going out just because you cannot go for any hairdo, which may hamper your glamourous look.

6. Hair spray for texture and bounce:

 Again, Hair sprays are not only for volume, stronghold, shine but also for texture and bounce. Hair sprays for volume and texture are a must for any upcoming function or event.

7. Hair Curling

Hair Sprays makes hair curls an easy job.And also these curls are long lasting.

Tips to follow for Hair spray: (Directions to use the product)

Nozel of the spray should not be clogged

Make sure that nozel of the spray is not clogged with spray solution.To unclog it, make sure you run it under hot water and wipe off the residues.

Brush your hair

Brush your hair properly,leaving no place for tangles.

Hair Sprays for oily hair

If you have oily hair go for non-glossy hair spray

Heating Tools

Avoid using any heating tool immediately after hair spray.

The minimal amount of hair spray

Use minimal amount of hair spray on your hair,to avoid stickiness.

Hair spray for Sensitive Scalp

If at all you have sensitive scalp avoid using alcohol based hair spary for women

Safe distance

It is a must that you hold the spray at a safe distance at least 12 inches away from your hair. Also, move it evenly all over the hair. This will eventually prevent your hair from becoming sticky.

Reach the product evenly

Reach the product evenly to all the areas of your hair just by gently massaging it with the fingers.

Be Careful: (Keep away from eyes)

To use it on areas near your face, be careful so that the spray should not get into the eyes. To avoid this spray it on hairbrush then use.

Shake the bottle

Shake the spray bottle well before every use.

hair Sprays For Women FAQs

What are the different types of hair spray?

Texture Hair Spray, Hair spray for volume, Hair spray for shine, Hair spray for the finish, Hair spray for shape, Thermal hair spray for women, weightless spray are the listed mostly commonly used hair spray for women.

What is flexibility hair spray?

Flexibility hair spray not only provides hold to the hair but also allows them to move freely. It gives a natural outlook to hair. And also creates super bouncy hairstyles.

Is there any difference between hair sprays and finishing hair sprays?

Finishing hair spray has nothing to do with style. They are sprayed in the end to add that extra sine and finish to the hairstyle.


Lastly, to sum up, these were the best hair sprays for women in India. Choose the best-suited hair sprays for women from the list above by giving it a try at least once. How was your experience trying any one of the hair sprays for women? Share your experience with us, by leaving a comment.

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