15 Surprising causes of Acne and treatment with home remedies

What are the causes of acne is a big question mark to most of them? Acne is very irritating irrespective of the age that it pops out. Acne is the worst nightmare anyone can have. Small things make a big difference. And the same is in the case of acne. 

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Acne might be small spots but is make a big difference in the beauty of the face. The difference is so big that you might lose your confidence and sometimes even avoid going out or attending important occasions or events. Not only, in terms of looks and discomfort. Also, acne and pimples are very painful.

causes of acne
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 At such times, you are very curious to know what causes acne? So, you can refrain from those causes and keep yourself away from acne. Also, try the best home remedies for Dark Circle. Keep reading these articles until the end to know various causes of acne.

15 Most prominent causes of acne in all age groups with remedies

To throw light, it is of due importance that we follow preventive measures for causes of acne and pimple.

1. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal or pubertal acne is the most prominent cause of acne.No doubt, it is an unexpected guest that arrives without any reason. 

Acne is most prominent in males and females both due to hormonal changes. It can occur even months after these changes. In female acne are most common in adolescence periods and adult acne. Breakdown in females is also seen at certain times of menstrual periods.

 Generally, it is very prominent in the adolescent years. Consequently, the reason behind is in that particular age body increases the production of a hormone called androgen.

Is your skin getting loose as and how you are growing? Try these best skin tightening home remedies.


  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Preferably in the morning and evening
  • In the first place, apply sunscreen every day
  • Use effective anti-acne cream suitable for your skin type
  • Apply a very small portion on acne
  • Likewise use the face wash and moisturizer containing salicylic acid

2. Makeup products

Certain duplicate makeup products used on the skin may lead to acne in the form of rashes. Using other makeup products may lead to the transfer of bacteria resulting in acne.


  • Always use good quality branded makeup products. As your face skin is most sensitive of all
  • Together with this, avoid overuse of makeup products
  • Furthermost avoid makeup products high in chemicals

3. Skin products

Always have a check on the list of ingredients of skin products. Always go for non-acne, oil-free, free from adulterated color. Some ingredients may lead to acne on your skin.


Have a look at the list of ingredients.

4. Hair Products

Even hair products play an important role in acne. If anti-dandruff shampoos are not used, too much dandruff can lead to acne. Furthermore, artificial and reactive chemicals in hair products may damage your facial skin as well.


Finally, it is advisable to use good quality of hair products and check on the ingredients.

5. Acne Due Stress

There is a direct relationship between acne and stress. When we are stressed the level of acne-causing hormones increases resulting in acne.


With is in mind, always follow a stress-free life regime. Meditate to free yourself from stress

6. Lack of hydration

Not only lack of hydration affects the body but is also results in acne.


For this purpose, at least drinks 2-3 liters of water daily.

7. Medical condition

Certain medical conditions, medication treatments can cause acne. Acne can be a side effect result of medications and medical treatments. 

Moreover, acne can be caused by known or unknown medical conditions. Not to mention, but it’s hard to control acne for women suffering from PCOS.


Equally important use proper skincare routine to treat your acne. Indeed buy a proper effective cream that will vanish up your acne and give you clear, soft, smooth skin.

8. Hereditary

No doubt acne is a curse coming out of family history. Generally, it is noted that hereditary genes are responsible for acne. 

Accordingly, if your family members are suffering from acne, probably you might also suffer from it due to genetics. 


To end this, take proper anti-cane aid at proper time and age. Have a good follow up.

9. Side effects

Many a time certain makeup products, consumption of food products, continuous medication also result in acne as side effects.


Therefore, do not use products that tend to cause side effects. Use proper cream for acne treatment.

10. Fast food

Certainly, refined flour, refined sugar, oily, fatty, and saturated food affects the digestive system which in turn results in acne.


In conclusion, always have a good diet of food containing fibrous food.

11. Alcohol and smoking

To throw the light even the overconsumption of alcohol and over smoking, many times has a side effect in the form of acne.


For this reason, stop the overconsumption of alcohol and smoking.

12. Using products used by others

Coupled with, makeup products even using makeup brushes, sponges, products used by others may result in the transfer of oil, bacteria which in turn may result in acne. 


As a result, do not use products used by others. Do not share your products with others. Correspondingly, wash makeup brushes and sponges occasionally to stay away from acne.

13. Pollution, ultraviolet rays, and dust particles

When oily skin is exposed to pollution, dust particles in the air may result in acne. Also, UV rays may cause skin acne, skin diseases, and skin cancer.


For this reason, always cover your face with a scarf when you go outside. Always use a sunscreen. Wash your face when you come from outside.

14. Lack of exercise

Together with the proper diet even exercise and fitness are a must for proper digestion, a healthy, and fit body. Of course, not only for a healthy body but also it plays a vital role in healthy skin.


Firstly, prepare a fitness regime. Exercise a lot it also improves your digestive system and keeps away acne.

15. Allergy of artificial colors and other related products

Comparatively to other products adulterated and artificial colors may sometimes not suit you, which may cause acne. By the same token, acne may be in the form of allergy to these products. 

Thus, always check in the expiry dates of skincare products, makeup products. Possibly using these products after the expiry date may result in acne.


Specifically, avoid skincare products, food products, makeup products containing artificial color, and are adulterated. Again, always have a check on the expiry dates of products.

Which areas are more prone to acne

The face is especially prone more to acne. As a matter of fact forehead, mouth, nose, cheeks, chin, and various parts are prone to acne.

Causes of acne at various parts of the face with remedies

With the above most prominent reasons for acne, there are several reasons related to your body which results in acne on various parts of the face.


Consequently, acne on forehead pops when you are not having a good diet and the digestion of food is not in a proper way. Most probably a high intake of fat leads to acne on the forehead.


For this purpose, have a proper and healthy diet. Cut down on fast food. And include fibrous food in your diet. Cut down on refined sugar.


Saturated fatty food items lead to acne or reddish spots on your nose. High blood pressure and other cardio diseases can lead to acne on the nose.


 As a result, the curb on saturated fatty foods items. Say no to chips, fries, chocolates. Control the cholesterol level of your body.


Acne on cheeks is contributed by a lack of fresh air and other related respiratory problems.


For this reason, expose yourself more too fresh air.


If your digestive system is not working properly your most probably prone to acne on chin.


Hence, exercise and fitness is a must. Likewise, reserving the time for any type of exercise of your choice is advised.


It is seen that acne around the mouths happens due to stress.


Accordingly, try to lessen your stress. Practice some meditation to relieve stress. For instance, even practicing yoga helps in relaxing your body.

Eyes and ears

Acne around your eyes is a result due to lack of hydration. Similarly, less intake of water leads to acne around the eyes and ears.


To avoid this keep yourself highly hydrated by drinking more water. At least makes a point to drink 2-3 liters of water every day.


Allergic reaction and drinking excessive alcohol leads to acne between your eyebrows.


To avoid these unwanted results do not consume products you are allergic to. Also, restrain or lessen alcohol consumption.

Effective homemade remedies for acne treatment

1. Neem leaves

Apply a mixture of neem leaves, turmeric powder, and water on acne affected areas. Let it dry. Wash with lukewarm water.

2. Turmeric powder

Again to try your hands on natural ingredients applying a paste of turmeric and water once-twice a week on face treats acne. Shrinks pimples, acne, and pigmentation.

3. Vicks Vaporub

Vicks Vaporub is an effective treatment to get rid of the acne overnight instantly. Just put a spot of Vicks Vaporub on acne or pimple before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning. Due to this acne will shrink gradually. Always keep the spot of Vicks small and handy. Possibly do not try this if you have sensitive skin, and not regularly. For instance, it might make your skin dry.

4. Colgate toothpaste

Put white-colored Colgate toothpaste on a pimple before bed. Wash the face in the morning. Pimple and acne will gradually shrink. Although trying this may be effective for acne but can it turn out your skin dry.

5. Ice

If you have red rash ice helps in getting rid of burning, itching, inflammation, and swelling as well. Ice does not help in getting acne completely but it helps to reduce the size of acne. This is because it helps the skin and pores to shrink. Nevertheless, it’s more effective for redness and rashes.

6. Tea tree oil

Never apply tree tea oil in your face directly. Always mix with something and then apply it on your face. Might be with your moisturizer or night cream. Do not apply more than 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to the moisturizer. Apply the combination of affected areas of the face.

7. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to treat the acne naturally. Directly put the Aloe Vera Gel with few drops of lemon juice every night before going to bed. Wash in the morning with normal water. Practice this regularly for the best results.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin disease. For instance, it is a condition wherein there are red spots, pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads, on the face.

 Acne is pimples, scars, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads. Therefore it can irritate, scratching, the pain instantly. In this case, if not treated on time it can remain as permanent scars.

What is a cause of acne?

Moreover, blockage of skin pores with oil, dead skin, or bacteria from the skin which clogs hair follicles causes acne.

Difference between acne and pimples?

Are acne and pimple the same? No, they are different. In the same vein acne is a skin disease and the pimple is one of the prominent symptoms of acne.

Food items that are cause of acne?

These food items should be avoided if you want to keep yourself away from acne

  • Refined sugar
  • Fast and oily food
  • Refined grains
  • Overconsumption of Alcohol
  • Over smoking

Skincare routine to stay away from ill effects and causes of acne:

  1. Wash your face twice a day. Avoid touching your skin
  2. Exfoliate your skin regularly
  3. Avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen while going out

Effective homemade remedies for how to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads overnight

causes of acne
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  • Dip the Turkish towel in hot water. Now insert it on your face and keep it for 10-15 minutes. This tip will help you in reducing blackheads and white aids on the face.
  • Mix Colgate paste and baking soda. Apply on areas affected with blackheads and whiteheads. Let it dry. Wash with lukewarm water.
  • Simply washing your face with salt water helps to cleanse pores, removes dirt and dust.

Causes of acne FAQs

Why do acne breakouts happen?

The most prominent reason for acne breakout is hormonal change. The reason behind is that a particular age body increases the production of a hormone called androgen. Which in fact leads to acne breakout.

Does makeup lead to acne?

Yes, certain makeup products can lead to acne. Either change the brand of makeup product causing acne, stop using duplicate brands of makeup products, have a check on the expiry date, or stop using other makeup sponges and brushes.

Does acne mean face is not clean enough?

Not necessarily. There are various reasons for acne as mentioned above. It can be hormonal change, overconsumption of alcohol, bad food habits and many more as listed above.


To sum up, the above mentioned are the various reasons for the causes of acne. Hereby, we had a detailed glance at preventive measures for acne. Also, we hope these detailed causes with remedies of acne keep you away from acne and its ill-effects. Which preventative measure has worked better for you? Let me know in the comments.

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