Eye Makeup for Big Eyes – Tips & Tricks You Never Know!

Only eye makeup can give you a heavy look. Women love eye makeup and enhancing the size of their eyes through eye makeup. In this article, I am sharing all the tips and tricks of eye makeup for big eyes.

Let your eyes do the Talking! The eyes are the most attractive part of a woman’s face. Sometimes you can express a lot without saying anything with your eyes. The most expressive features that a face can carry.

Keep reading till the end to follow it step by step. The whole makeup depends on the eye makeup. If eye makeup is done best then you can just flaunt like a glamorous star.

Here, in this article, we will learn to kill with our eyes. Let your eyes do the magic and turn the heads so that you become a center of attraction wherever you go. Yes, believe me, you can. Do you want to know how? Then, the top secrets are revealed below.

Eye Makeup for Big Eyes – Tips & Tricks

Given below are the eye makeup tips for big eye.

Darker Shade of Eye shadow

It is a thumb rule, that if you want to make up for large eyes you should always use a darker shade of eye shadow. The more the darker eye shadow the more your eyes will look big and attractive. The reason behind using the darker shade is that it creates more space with size on your eyes. Nude eye makeup and light eye shadows only and only make your facial features too sharp.

So, if you want to make your eyes bigger never use light or pale colors as an eye shadow to give that effect of big eyes. Eye shadow for big eyes is darker shade of your choice. Start the darkest shade from the corner of your eyes and then and get into the inner side of your eyelids.

How to apply dark eye shadow

Here is a procedure listed to apply a dark eye shadow.

Step 1: Firstly, apply a light base color to your eyelid. Use a good quality eye shadow brush that has longer and good bristles. You need to do good smudging with brush and eye shadow to create a good base on eyelids. So the first step is to create a base with light color.

Step 2: You have to take a darker shade now and blend that in the direction of your eyebrow from outside to in. The eye shadow should be darker on the crease area and lighter as you go in.

Step 3: Now plaint the darker shade properly on your eyelids. Look forward that it doesn’t look patchy.

Step 4: Apply the darkest black gel eyeliner to your both eyelids.

Step 5: Now you have to blend that black gel liner in the upward direction with short strokes.

Step 6: Here is your big dark eye make for big eyes.

Artificial Eyelashes

If you never know let me tell you that artificial eyelashes play a very vital role to make your eyes look bigger. So if you are the one who dreams of big attractive eyes then never say no to false eyelashes. Just remember that the insertion of artificial eyelashes has to be perfect. Do not forget the curling of your original and artificial eyelashes. The top pick for false eyelashes that I would suggest is that of Velour.

Eye Curler

To curl both eyelashes you must use an eyelash curler. If you are the one who doesn’t carry an eyelash curler then it’s high time you should buy one. Because if you are the one always obsessed to have big eyes then nothing can enhance your eyes as an eyelash curler can do. Artificial Eyelashes give that fuller effect to your eyes which makes them look bigger. The best eye curler that I will suggest is Covergirl Makeup Masters Eyelash Curler.


After this, it’s a time for mascara. To shape your eyes properly mascara is a must. A final touch to your eyelashes can only be given by the mascara. Mascara can work like magic which makes your eyes look bigger in no time. To make your eyes look bigger through mascara you must at least reply 4 to 5 coats to the outer corners up to the eyelashes which are on the bottom side. The shape that you have to create with mascara is a doe shape. If I have to recommend I will recommend Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.

To conclude the above were the 3 eyelashes tips to make your eyes look bigger with fuller effect. Remember to use good products.

Smokey eyes

Oh yes! We girls are big fans of Smokey eyes. Our parties, functions, and festivals cannot be complete without that Smokey look. And, yes Smokey look makes your eyes look bigger and attractive. Using eye shadow with liner has become common now. It is a high time you must try your hands on something in trend. And Smokey eye makeup is in fashion nowadays.

Procedure for Smokey eyes

Step 1: Apply white base color on your eyelids.

Step 2: Now apply Kohl Kajal on both your eyelids to intensify the eye look.

Step 3: Apply a light eye shadow on your eyelids.

Step 4: It’s time now to apply dark eye shadow and drag it to the outer corner of your eyes.

Step 5: Now blend, blend and blend. Blend your dark eye shadow to give a Smokey eye look. Proper blending is highly recommended.

Use shimmers

Yes, eye makeup cannot be complete without that final touch of shimmers. Also so famous can make your eyes look bigger with eye makeup. Only one touch of shimmers is very effective for eye makeup. Shimmers turn your eye makeup into a new glamour celebrity look. Just a little shimmer can make a big difference to your eyes. You are supposed to put shimmers to the eyelids on the upper side and beneath your brow bone will make your eyes look bigger. If you want to have a party look you can even hotel light line of Shimmer below your eyelid down where you apply eye kajal.

The eye shimmers that I will recommend are Docolor Glitter Eye shadow Palette.


The best eye makeup and to have big eyes from eye makeup, then the blending is a prior most secret to reveal. The best and more the blending the more you have eye makeup look like a pro. You must do a blending with very gentle hands. Do not be Harsh while blending your eye shadows on your eyelids. Just applying the makeup on your eyes does not make your eye makeup complete. Show a blending is a must and make sure that you make it very properly.

Color on Bottom lashes

Eye makeup cannot be complete without the use of Kajal. You can use any shade of Kajal of your choice. Now the black kajal has become more common. You can use any Kajal of your choice. If not Kajal you can also give a shimmery look by applying shimmer.

Trim your brows

Trimming your eyebrows and shaping your brow is a must for your eyes to look big with eye makeup. Your eye makeup might be glamorous but it is never complete without shaping and grooming your eyebrows. So with eye makeup also shape and trim your eyebrows so that eye makeup and eye look go hand in hand making your eyes look bigger.

Pre hand preparation

Before applying any of the eye makeup you should prepare your eyes beforehand. First, you should work on your dark circles, wrinkles, and then on eye puffiness. Your eye makeup can never look like a pro with all those issues on your eyes and the area near your eyes. So, first of all, deal with all the shows and then start with the eye makeup. 

Work On Dark Circles

Your eye makeup will be a disaster if it is done on the dark circles. Nor your eyes will look attractive or big. If in case you have dark circles conceal them properly. Use of proper shade of concealer for your dark circles is a must. LA Girl concealers are highly recommended on dark circles. You can dust some translucent powder on the concealer and then use foundation so that your eyes do not become greasy and there is no creamy base.

Eye puffiness

If you have eye puffiness you can simply take a piece of ice and just put it in a circular motion on your eyes. Eye makeup cannot be done properly on the puffed eyes. You can even pot a piece of cucumber on both your eye after closing them. And rest for 10-15 minutes. This will also reduce eye puffiness. 

Eye Base

Put a base on your eyelids and then start with your eye makeup. You cannot have a big eye effect through makeup without preparing your eyes for makeup. You can even use a white eye shadow as your eye base. The eye base and eye primers are the same. Just like as you prime your skin before makeup you must prime your eye before starting eye makeup. The eye base at a cheap price that I will recommend is  Kryolan Ultra Eye Base.


Makeup is not over without highlighting the higher portions on your face. Similarly, eye makeup b is never complete without highlighting the brow bones. Just put eyeshadow on your brow bones to highlight them. I will suggest you make use of white eye shadow to highlight. This trick is going to make your eyes look bigger. Highlighter is a must for eye makeup to look complete.

Highlight Inner corners

To make your eyes look you must put a white shadow like a dot at the end of the inner side of an eyelid. This will emphasize your inner eye corner. This will in turn make your eyes look bigger just like a pro. You can also use an available highlighter for the same.

Use different colors

Keep adding more different colors to your eyes. Which will make a difference and you will understand what suits you best. As we all know changes must and you look glam only if you keep on changing the things with Trend. So try different colors of eye shadows, eyeliners, and eye shimmers. New exciting colors will give a fuller look by which your eyes will look bigger in size and shape. Flaunt your eyes and style and with the latest trends by adding colors to your eyes.

Application of eyeliner

The way you apply the eyeliner makes a big difference to your eyes. The way you outline the liner decides the size of your eyes. If you want your eyes to look bigger you must apply a thin layer of eyeliner on your eyelids and above your eyelashes. Even cat-shaped eyeliner makes your eye look bigger. Also, your inner part of eyeliner should be thin and it should be thicker as you go out with the strike also your eyes will look bigger with an enhancing effect.

The best eyeliner at a very affordable price that I would like to suggest is Insight eyeliner, just for Rs. 100/-. It is a highly recommended beauty product for eye makeup.

Apply mascara to bottom eyelashes

Applying mascara to bottom eyelashes will surely help to enhance your eyes and make it bigger. You can also use mascara for volume on your bottom eyelashes. I will suggest LOreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara for creating a good volume for your bottom eyelashes.


To conclude, this all the list of tips and tricks for eye makeup for big eyes. These are my secrets that I have revealed as makeup tips for big eyes. Hope these are effective for you as well. If you want to more about eye makeup for bog eyes then get connected with me. We can surely interact with a good conversation. If you want to have a look towards makeup tutorials for big eyes YouTube is a best place to search for right videos.

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