Top 9 Tips on How to get dark mehndi color on hand

How to get dark mehndi color on hand is a recurring question for those who apply mehndi on hands? There is hardly any girl or woman who doesn’t like applying mehndi on hands. None of the auspicious occasions like weddings, functions, festivals, party or Puja can be complete without a mehndi.

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 We put a lot of long hours to draw unique mehndi designs on our hands with the mehndi cone. No doubt the Mehndi looks very eye-catching and appealing with its black color. But what after removing the mehndi? What if the color of mehndi isn’t darkened and is very light? Will it continue to look that gorgeous. Yes, not of course. Then how to get a dark henna color? Something to darken your mehndi color after scrapping it from your hands.

How To Get Dark Mehndi Color On Hand
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Here, we are with a solution. This article is all about how to darken mehndi on hands. For all tips and hacks read the article this article till. Also, this article is extra beneficial for the bride because mehndi is a very integral part of any bride. Wedding occasions, marriages cannot be complete without the dark color of mehndi.

The dark colored mehndi looks so ravishing on the hands of the bride. Also, the dark color of mehndi is compared to husbands’ love by many. More dark the mehndi color is, more is the love of the groom. Isn’t it funny to listen? Then, you should surely have that dark color to prove your husband’s love. So let’s get started-

How to prepare your hands before applying a mehndi

I would suggest the following tips to get started with mehndi-

  • Firstly wash your hands clean before applying the mehndi
  • Avoid applying any moisturizer on hands
  • You can use eucalyptus oil before the application of mehndi again this is optional
  • Use a good quality mehndi because the color of a mehndi depends more on the quality of mehndi being used. If you are using an organic Mehndi look forward that the mehndi gives quite a nice dark color
  • Always prefer natural ways to dry mehndi
  • Never use a blow-dry your mehndi
  • At least keep the mehndi for 8 to 12 hours to dry it completely or naturally peels off
  • If you are applying a mehndi at night time then and let it stay for overnight
  • The Mehndi should get absorbed in your hands whatever time you apply
  • When it is slightly dry try putting a mixture of lemon and sugar with the help of cotton
  • Never wash the Mehndi with water instead scrap or remove the mehndi with your hands or let it peel off naturally.
  •  Always remember to apply Vicks or coconut oil mustard oil before scrapping the mehndi

Top 9 Tips on How to darken mehndi colour on hands

How To Get Dark Mehndi Color On Hand
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1. Wash your hands

Clean wash your hands with soap or a sanitizer. Pat dry hands with the help of a towel. Remember you are not applying any moisturizer or cream before application of mehndi.

2. Keep the mehndi for a long time

You should keep the mehndi at least for 8 to 12 hours. As I have mentioned before never wash your mehndi with the help of water instead of that always scrape the Mehndi by rubbing your palms together or let is dusk iff naturally. Automatically the dried mehndi falls off. Prefer using a newspaper to scrap the mehndi so that you don’t mess up the floor.

3. Lemon sugar mixture application

Take lemon and sugar in equal quantities. Blend both the ingredients into a fine paste. Now apply this mixture with the help of cotton on your hands before you scrap your mehndi off. The main reason for applying sugar and lemon paste is that this mixture prevents the peel-off of mehndi.

After the application of this mixture, your mehndi design will be on your hands for a long time which will eventually enhance the dark color of mehndi on your hands. You need to practice this at least two times on a dried mehndi. The reason behind this is that sugar keeps the mehndi in contact with the skin for long and helps in deep penetration. On the other hand, lemon juice acts as a catalyst which helps in releasing the color

4. Wrapping the design

Many times wrapping of mehndi design is practiced which helps it with a darker color. You need to be very cautious while wrapping because it may spoil mehndi altogether. If at all you are scared of spoiling it is better you don’t go for. You can get this option done by a professional artist.

5. Put your hands over the warm fumes of cloves

Once you have applied the sugar and lemon mixture another step to be followed is take cloves. Now, heat cloves on overheated pan. After the fumes are released, then put your hands and take the warmness of fumes all over the design. You need to be very careful and cautious while doing this.

Stay away from the heated pan and be cautious in the way the pan does not harm or burn your hands in anyways. Let the warm fumes coming out of a pan dry lemon and sugar mixture also. After this, you can yourself remove the mehndi by scrapping or live until it dusks naturally.

6. Application of balm

Once you have scrapped the Mehndi or it is naturally dusked out, then it’s a time for applying a balm. The best options under this are Tiger balm or Vicks. The reason behind the application of these balms is that it helps in the stimulation of color, develops a darker color that penetrates into the skin.

7. Application of Nilgiri

Application of Nilgiri after removing the mehndi is the age-old tradition. You can either go with the balm. And, if you are not comfortable with the balm then you can take an option of Nilgiri. It enhances a darker color of mehndi on your hands.

8. Avoid contact with water

Avoid the contact of water with your hands. This will help your hand on how to get a darker color. I will suggest you to avoid water at least for 24 hours from the application of mehndi. If you want to anyways insert your hands in water use the plastic gloves.

9. Say no to waxing

If you want to do hand waxing it is preferable that you do not do it after application of mehndi. Always do hand waxing before application of mehndi. Because there are chances that this may take off your top layer of mehndi while waxing.

Some key points to remember for the dark color of mehndi

The release of the dark color of mehndi depends on the various factors. The factors are as follows

  1. Mehndi releases a good color in warm places. If you are at a cold chilled out place you should prefer using warm water while making mehndi, if at all you are making a mehndi cone at home itself.
  2. If you are making mehndi cone at home remember to soak your henna mehndi in tea or coffee mixture for results of darker mehndi color on your hands.
  3. Mehndi color and the darker shade of Mehndi color differs from person to person. The difference is due to the body temperature of the person.
  4. Even due to the skin type and the color of the skin the color differs from a person to person.
  5. Always try preferring a good quality and branded mehndi cone. Even the dark color of mehndi on hands depends on the quality of henna mehndi used.

1. How to make henna darker after you take it off?

You can either apply Vicks Vaporub or tiger balm. You can even prefer using Nilgiri. This will surely help you make henna darker after you take it off. Do not insert your hands in water at least for 24 hours.

2. How to make henna paste darker?

I suggest you added warm tea or coffee water to the henna to make a fine paste. This will surely help Henna Paste darker than usual. You can even add drops of tea tree oil to make the paste darker.

3. Does coconut oil darken the mehndi color?

Yes, coconut oil or any other vegetable oil helps the mehndi to reach its dark shade. You can apply coconut oil for better results.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, this was all about how to get dark mehndi color on hand. To throw more light, these are must-try top tips for the bride to be and groom to be. Hope after reading this article you will surely have a darken mehndi color on your hands than before.

Flaunt your darken mehndi color on your hands on different occasions offices of you will surely captivate any attention. We would like to know about your experience of mehndi color on your hands with us the top 9 tips. So, do not forget to comment below. Surely, I will get back to you with a reply.

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