Makeup step by step at home in 15 easy steps

How to apply makeup step by step at home like a pro? It is a big question mark for every girl. What to do first and next can panic you. In these articles, you will get the lessons on makeup step by step guide, with easy steps.

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Makeup has the power to do the wonders that even you might have not dreamt of. It is a beauty weapon that can turn your dream into reality. Makeup helps in highlighting the strengths of beautiful features on the face and sweep off the weakness. Nothing can give a drastic makeover that makeup can give.

Again, makeup helps in enhancing each feature of the face. May it be a corporate meeting, family function or a party look we all need a touch up to grace your beauty. Practically, it is possible only through makeup.

makeup step by step at home
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Makeup is the key to a glamorous look. It is one-stroke magic that makes a big difference in the look. You can change your look from simple to modern to traditional if you follow a proper makeup step by step beginners guide.

What is keeping you away from this magic? Worried if you can try it yourself? Learning makeup step by step at home is not easy and you need a complete step by step guide. You might get panic what comes first and next. And to adhere to the proper one by one step is of due importance to reach the desired outlook.

Here, is the makeup step by step guide that you have to follow exactly. It is not affordable to approach a makeup artist every time. So why not try your hands on makeup at home yourself just like a pro.

Makeup step by step at home in 15 easy steps

  1. Face Cleansing
  2. Primer
  3. Corrector
  4. Defining your eyebrows
  5. Eye Shadow
  6. Eye Liner
  7. EyeKajal
  8. Foundation
  9. Contouring
  10. Highlighter
  11. Lipstick
  12. Setting spray
  13. Put eye mascara
makeup step by step
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Makeup step by step at home in simples steps

How to apply makeup step by step at the home guide? Here, is the best solution to this question. Keep reading this article till the end to clearly understand makeup steps in a simple way. 12 the step in this article is a must for the instant glow on the face. Can’t believe it? Just try your hands-on makeup step by step with makeup tips and tricks? Here we go-

Step 1:Face Cleansing

Face cleansing before starting any makeup plays a vital. You can wash your face with a face wash or a face scrub. But the best way to do it is with wet wipes. Not only, wipes prepare a good surface for makeup but it also creates lots of space.

Products you need

Face wash/Wet wipes/Face more scrub

Face feature covered

Full face


  1. Firstly, apply a face wash or face scrubber. Massage gently. Wash your face clean. Dry pat with a towel.
  2. Take wet wipes to start cleaning your face and generating a good space for your makeup.

Step 2: Primer

Primer is the base of the foundation. Before applying foundation skin is always primed with primer.

Products you need


Face feature covered

Whole face

How to apply a primer like a pro ?

  1. To start with, take a drop of primer on fingers. Dab it beyond your eyes gently massage it. This will create a good surface for eye makeup and concealer.
  2. Now, dab small drops of primer all over the face. Gently massage it to absorb it on your skin.

Step 3: Color Corrector

The color collector can be called as an eraser for your face.

Products you need

Orange shade corrector

Orange shade corrector is used on dark circles, on dark areas, dark spots of the face. Do not apply too much and apply only to the affected areas of the face. It will erase all your dark spots and dark circle.

Green shade corrector

Green shade correctors are put on red areas of your face. Red areas or red blemishes too. It is a must product to hide your acne and pimples. Also, it is put beside the red area beside your nose.

Yellow shade corrector

Is used after foundation to highlight upper areas of the face.

Brown shade correct

Is used as a contour for contouring your face.

Face feature covered

  1. Orange corrector-Dark circles, dark spots, dark areas, pigmented areas.
  2. Green corrector-Red spots, the red area beside your skin, blemishes, acne, pimples.

How to apply color corrector like a pro ?

  1. Apply orange corrector in the shape on an inverted triangle beneath your eyes and your dark circles. Also, apply it to dark spots and dark areas.
  2. Push the orange corrector properly into the skin with the help of sponge or fingertips.
  3. Now, pick a green corrector. Apply it on the red area beside your nose. All other red areas, red spots, blemishes, acne, pimples.
  4. Merge the green color gently into your skin either with your fingertips or sponge. And you are hereby done with your corrector step.
  5. This step of the corrector is optional. It’s on your choice and dark circles, spots, and skin type you have.

Step 4: Concealing

Concealer is used to conceal dark spots. It is used before applying your foundation.

Products you need


(Take a concealer which is a shade lighter than your foundation)

Face feature covered

Concealers are not the foundation. Do not use it all your face. Dark circle and eyelids, beyond your nose and lips, dark spots, acne, blemishes.

How to apply concealer like a pro ?

  1. Draw an inverted triangle beneath your eyes, on the area where you have applied orange corrector. Fill the inverted triangle with concealer.
  2. Put the concealer on acne, blemishes, dark spots
  3. 3.Apply concealer around your nose and besides your lips
  4. Apply it on eyelids as well
  5. You can either use a brush or sponge to merge your concealer. Dab your brush or sponge properly to merge it.
  6. Do it with very gentle hands. Do no added pressure.
  7. Now you can set your concealer with translucent powder of your choice.

Step 5: Foundation

Makeup can never be complete without foundation. Foundation is a strong base for any makeup.

Products you need

There is a wide range of variety in foundations. To choose one which is the best pick for your skin is a must. Pick a foundation that is a perfect foundation shade to your skin tone. Prefer a trial session before buying a foundation. You can apply foundation by brush, sponge or fingertips

Face feature covered

Full face coverage.

How to apply foundation like a pro ?

  1. Dab the foundation on your whole face with fingers or brush or sponge.
  2. Blend it very properly with merging brush into circular motions
  3. Do it with very gentle hands. Also, do not add pressure.
  4. If you are using a brush does not take the foundation directly on the brush. Take it on your hands dab your brush on it and apply it on your face. Remember to put the foundation on your eyelids.
  5. The best way to apply your foundation is by brush. It is fast also and gives proper coverage to your face.
  6. In case you are using a sponge, wet it with water first. Squeeze it so that no water is left.
  7. The pro of using a sponge is you can reach all corners of your face with that narrow tip of sponge. Dab it properly to blend the foundation into your skin. It will also give you full coverage.
  8. Look forward if the foundation is evenly applied everywhere on your face. Blend the foundation properly into your face skin so that it does give a patchy look.
  9. Put the remaining foundation on your neck.
  10. Take translucent powder on the brush. Tap the brush to get rid of excess powder. Lastly, apply the powder to fix the foundation.

Step 6: Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is like a cherry on the cake. It is a cream part of any makeup..

Products you need

  • You must have a good blending brush
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eye brush
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye kajal
  • Mascara

Face feature covered

Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes.

How to do eye makeup like a pro ?

  • Eye shadow is the perfect base for your eye makeup. So your base needs to be just perfect.
  • The most interesting part of eye makeup is applying eye shadow.
  • Use a scotch tape from your eye ends dragged to your brow ends. This will make your eye makeup handy and perfect.
  • Put a base of white shadow to your eyelids so that eye shadow pops out effectively.
  • Always pick 2 eye shadows of your choice one is light and another dark. Both colors should complement each other.
  • First pick the lighter shade, always tap the brush to remove any excess powder.
  • Apply the lighter eye shadow on your eyelids to the complete area, which could not be seen if your eyes were open.
  • Now pick the darker complementary shade. Tap out the extra powder on the brush.
  • Start from the outer corner of your eyes with the darker shade. Make it lighter as you come towards the inner corner. But stop the application of darker eye shadow at the center of your eyes. As you do not have to darken your inner corners of eyes.

If you want your eye makeup to look like a pro, blending is a must. All colors that you use should be properly blended. Blend the two shades used properly.

  • Eyeliner is the essence of the eye makeup. In eyeliner liquid liners are the best.
  • Start applying liner from your inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner.
  • Always start with a thin line from inners corner and make it thicker towards outer.
  • First, create a light line of strokes as a rough sketch of your eyeliner. Connect the strokes and make it dark intense as your final look.
  • If your hands slip which putting liner do not worry use makeup remover and remove the unwanted portion cautiously.
  • It is a trend to put thicker eyeliner. Your make cannot be complete without that.
  • Your eyes look more attractive and bigger with thicker eye shadow.
  • Prefer using waterproof eyeliners for long-lasting stay.
c. Eye kajal
  • Girls have a committed relationship with kajal. Just a sweep of line and makeup wonders that kajal makes is unbelievable.
  • To avoid smudging of your eye kajal always apply brown eye shadow or loose powder beneath your eyelids with a brush.
  • Always start applying kajal from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corner. Give small light strokes of kajal on your eyelids.
  • Now join those strokes together. Make it darker.
  • You need to at least drag a kajal 3 times to give that perfect look like a pro.
  • Use a waterproof, long-lasting kajal pencil for best results.
d. Color eye kajal or nude eyeliners
  • It is not always a compulsion to go for a black color kajal. You can shift to any color of your choice.
  • But it is a must. Eye makeup is never complete with kajal.
  • If you don’t like intense look go for a nude look. Take light color kajal pencil or eye shadow and apply it with brush beneath your eyelids. It will give a very nice effect to your eyes.

Step 7: Mascara

If you are asked to skip one product in your makeup, then it should never be mascara. Mascara is a top must-have makeup product. It is applied to eyelashes.

Products you need


Face feature covered


How to apply mascara like a pro ?

  1. Wide-open your eye and start applying mascara from upper eyelashes.
  2. Ensure that all the bristles are coated with mascara.
  3. Apply it lightly on the roots of your lashes and then pull to the ends. It will increase the volume of eyelashes.
  4. If your hand slips remove that extra mascara through make up remover.

Step 8: Eyebrow defining

It is a procedure of highlighting your eyebrows.Its a beauty tips and tricks to define and highlight your brows.

Products you need

Brown eyebrow pencil.

Face feature covered


How to apply eyebrow pencil like a pro ?

  1. Move the brown pencil in the shape of the brows you want to have.
  2. It should look natural so we are using a brown pencil.

Step 9: Contouring

Contouring is a must technique to change the shape of your face with makeup tricks.Contuouring can add major definition to your face.

Products you need

  • Contouring brush, contouring powder, or cream.

A perfect contour should be two shades darker than your skin tone.

Face feature covered

A sideline of head, temples, jawline to chin, nose.

How to contour like a pro ?

  1. Making a fish face is a must for contouring to know your contouring points perfectly.
  2. We are going to apply the contour in the 3 contour frameworks. Start from the outer side of your forehead, from there drag it to your temples.
  3. From temples take it inside under your cheekbone. Find that hollow part under your cheekbones by placing your fingers.
  4. Take your eyebrow endpoint into consideration as the point to stop contouring from temples to an area inside which is under a cheekbone.
  5. From a point of cheekbone continue to drag the brush to your jawline.
  6. Merge the remaining contour under your chin.
  7. Do the contour in perfect 3 frameworks on both sides.
  8. Drag from side headline to temple line to your jawline.
  9. Now merge the contour into your base foundation properly.
  10. With the nose, draw a narrow line beside the bridge of your nose. The line should be equally drawn on both the sides of the nose. Now merge the line to push it into your skin.
  11. Set the contour with translucent powder. Dab the extra powder on the brush and then use it.

Step 10: Bronzer

Bronzers are specially used to give that sun-kissed glow on your face, where the sun would hit you naturally and your radiant glow. Bronzer makes your makeup look radiant.

Products you need

Bronzer, bronzer brush.

A big difference between bronzer and contour is-contour powder always has a matt finish. And generally, bronzers are shiny powder.

Face feature covered

Side 3 cuts of your face, in the shape of 3.

How to apply bronzer like a pro ?

  1. The proper way of applying bronzer is in the shape of “3” on both sides of your face.
  2. You need the follow the same 3 shape framework used for contouring.
  3. First start with your forehead drags your brush to your temples and takes it further under your cheekbones, then lastly drag it to your jawline.
  4. Reaching from up to down to your chin.
  5. Blend the bronzer into your skin with a bronzing brush.
  6. Blend the remaining bronzer in your neck.

Step 11: Highlighter

May it be any look-from simple to bold, highlighter is a must? No makeup can be complete without a highlighter.

 Products you need

Highlighter, brush.

Liquid highlighters, cream-based highlighters, powder highlighters as per your preference.

Face feature covered

Highlighters cover all the higher features of the face, which are lifted.

Bridge of nose, top of your cheekbones, inner corner of your eyelids, on your brow bone, on your cupid bow (above your lips), the center of your forehead, the center of your chin.

How to highlight your face like a pro ?

  1. Map your points on the face to highlight as follows
  • Bridge of nose
  • Top of your cheekbones
  • The inner corner of your eyelids
  • On your brow bone
  • On your cupid bow(above your lips
  • Center of your forehead
  • The center of your chin.
  1. Apply the highlighter on higher points of the face as listed above.
  2. Blend it into skin using the brush, fingertips, or a sponge.
  3. For more highlighting effect and glow layer it one more time.

Step 12: Blush

Blush is the key to unlock the makeup. Blush is a must for that glamorous look. It is applied on cheeks.

Products you need

Blush, Use a dense brush with a lot of bristles to apply your blush

Let us understand different blush shade for different skin tones.

Pink Blush: Fair skin

Plum blush: Medium to dark skin tone

Face feature covered


How to apply lipstick like a pro ?

  1. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheek smile at your best.
  2. The apple refers to that part of the cheek that pops up when you smile.
  3. Blend the blush with a dense brush and gentle hands. And concentrate on the apple of cheeks.
  4. Note that blush does not fall into your smile lines.

Step 13: Lipstick

makeuip step by step
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Makeup can never make you smile till that color effect on your lips’

Products you need

  • Lip liner, lip balm, lipstick, lip crayon or lip gloss.

Face feature covered


How to apply lipstick like a pro ?

1. Even your lips need a base. To apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer on your lips. It will help to keep your lipstick last for a longer time.

2.Before applying lipstick prepare your lips-apply lip balm or Vaseline. Merge it in your skin and softens your lips.

3.Using a lip liner outline your lips.

4. Apply perfect lipstick apply in ‘x’ shape on upper lips near cupid bow.

5. Now apply your desired lipstick on your lips.

6. To give your matt lipstick a shine without lip gloss add a highlighter on the upper and lower-middle portion.

7. Also,to have a glossy effect put a glossy lipstick or lip gloss on lipstick.

Step 14: Setting spray or setting powder

Your make can never end without a setting spray or powder. Is it last in the list but will finish your makeup. It is a final touch to your makeup. And help the makeup to set properly and for a longer stay.

Products you need

Setting spray or setting powder.

Face feature covered

Full face

Step 15. How to apply a setting spray like a pro?

Hold a bottle away from your face. Close your eyes. Spray it. See if your whole face is got the setting spray coverage.You can also take setting spray or powder on the sponge and dab it on your face.

Points to remember before putting your hands on this makeup step by step guide

Good quality products

Good quality makeup products are of vital importance. The quality of the makeup is directly proportional to the quality of makeup products. So never compromise on makeup brands.. To avoid, allergies, acne, blemishes, reds skin always prefer a good brand.

Perfect makeup pick for particular skin tone is must

According to your skin tone, makeup picks differ from person to person. A foundation that is a perfect match for your skin tone is a must. Concealer should be lighter than your skin tone. Almost two shade is lighter than your skin tone. Contouring powder should be darkest.

Proper blending

Proper blending of products before using another is a must. If blending is not done properly it may spoil your makeup leaving patches behind.Foundation.concealers, compact powder, eye shadow should be properly blended. Use the merging brush for the same.

Gentle touch for blending and merging

Give a gentle touch while blending your foundation, concealer, compact, and eye shadow. Never add to much pressure. The more gentle touch the more is the finish to your makeup.

Good quality brushes

Good brushes are like friends in need to do your makeup deed. And these are your lifelong friends. So do proper investments in brushes and sponges.

Avoid overuse of foundation and powder

Apply foundation and powder as much as it looks natural. Do not overuse it may spoil your makeup.

Never redo the makeup, refresh it

In case you are carrying the makeup for the whole day, there is no need to remove and apply new makeup. You can simply reapply and give a touch-up.

Check on the expiry date of products

Keeping track of the expiry date of the product is a must. Face skin is most sensitive. Out of expiry products may cause damage to your skin.

Keep your products safe from sunlight

Keep your products away from sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight may heat the product. Which in turn can break the active ingredients in the product? After which product might not be safe to use. To be safe keep it safe.

Clean makeup brushes and sponges regularly

Clean your brushes properly before the next use. Do not keep them dirty. Leftover cosmetics on them can harm your skin and makeup also. You can wash these brushes and sponges by putting them in warm water. And washing it with shampoo or liquid hand wash.

Do not share your makeup products

It’s a caution to share your makeup products. It may result in germ transfer. Makeup brushes and sponges can easily transfer bacteria, oil from one skin to another. Which may result in skin allergies, acne, blemishes. So better beware. A small mistake can cost you big

Close the cap properly to avoid the leakage

Hurry is a worry. In a hurry, if you forget to close the cap there might be wastage of makeup product. So close it properly.

Top reasons to try your hands on makeup step by step at home

To cut on every time expensive cost incurred by makeup artists.

  • 2.If you know the art of makeup you be independent. You do it at any time and try any look.
  • 3. You can’t explain what kind of makeover you want to others, but surely try yourself your desired change in look.
  • 4. By doing makeup yourself you understand well what suits you. And what does not suit you?
  • 5. We are not assured of the quality of products that are used by makeup artists. Which in turn may result in some acne and allergies?

What are the makeup steps in order to follow?

1.Face Cleansing
5.Defining your eyebrows
6.Eye Shadow
7.Eye Liner
8.Eye Kajal
14.Setting spray
15. Put eye mascara

How to prepare dry skin for makeup?

Always prepare dry skin by hydrating it with a good moisturizer. Also, do for liquid products like liquid foundations, concealers, and much more. These makeup products in liquid form keep your dry skin hydrated.

Are contouring and highlighting steps must in makeup?

Probably yes, if you have chubby face contouring is must give proper shape to your face. Contouring is also a must for double chin. To talk about highlighting it is a must for glowy dew on the face. If your looking for perfect makeup steps and glamorous look both contouring and highlighting is a must.

The Final Look

Your makeup step by step at home journey is hereby over. You have finally reached your makeup destination look. These are the makeup step by step at home in 15 super easy steps. Now we hope you can put your hands on makeup products and guide yourself in-How to apply makeup like a pro? You can do this in easy steps at your home anytime and in the way you want.

You can have the desired look from simple to bold, functional to corporate, and many more that too by yourself. Get a glamorous look in simple easy steps at home, and in no more time. How many makeup looks did you put your hands on? Was it a makeup like a pro? Get connected to us to share your experience.

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