45 proven Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know!

Are you the one looking for the top 45 makeup tips that you must know? Then in this article, you shall explore all the best possible makeup tips and tricks which are not only effective but with no extra cost. No doubt, this is a must makeup tips for beginner’s guide. Here, are 45 makeup tricks that will make you look like a pro all the time.

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Oh yes! We all are much aware of makeup wonders. Sometimes, the wonders are such extreme that we cannot recognize in the mirror.

makeuup tips and tricks
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That one stroke of makeup magic and drastic makeover that also within minutes. It is just like a dream come true. Isn’t it? Let is be the most beautiful woman, even she needs that makeup touch for a glam look. Before trying your hands on makeup there are some makeup hacks you must know.So, here we go-

Top Proven 45 Makeup Tips that every Girl must know:

makeup tips and tricks
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1. clean-up

  • Before starting makeup clean your face with wet wipes. It also creates a good space for your makeup.

2. Primer

  • Primer is a must before starting makeup. This will ensure your makeup stays for a long time. Also, the smooth surface of the skin is created for makeup. If you do not have primer, aloe vera gel can act as the best water-based primer substitute.

3. Perfect Shade of products

  • Choosing a perfect shade from the enormous available shade is very vital. A perfect shade of foundation, concealer, and contour for your skin is a must. Concealer should be lighter than your skin tone. The foundation needs to be the perfect fit for your skin tone. The contour shade is darker than your skin tone.

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Makeup Tips For Glow

4.Natural Glow On Your Face

  • Mixing your foundation with moisturizer will give a natural glow on your face. It will nullify the ill-effects of overusing the foundation on your face. This hack is a must for a natural look.

5. Translucent Powder

  • Translucent powder not only fixes your makeup but also keeps you away from sweating. It is a must.

Makeup Tips for Contouring

6. Contouring

  • Tour yourself for contour. For this tour be ready with your contouring kit. Contouring plays an important role in shaping your face. A proper face cut can only be given by contouring. Use a matte and darker shade of contour than your skin tone. Avoid over contouring.

7. Pout for the perfect contour

  • A fish face or pouting is a must for contouring. It shows perfect points for contouring.

Makeup Tips For Highlighters

8. Highlighters

  • Highlighters are a must for that glowing look. That sun-kissed shine cannot be complete without highlighters. As the name suggests, highlighters are applied to the higher points of the face like-cheekbones, the middle part of the nose. Highlighters can also be applied to the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Fan-shaped brushes are best for applying highlighters. If you don’t have a highlighter, you can substitute it with Vaseline, Even Vaseline gives you that wanted glow look.

Makeup Tips For Eye Makeup

9. Eye shadow as a bronzer

  • You need not buy a separate bronzer for contouring. You can also warm up your face with brown eye shadow. Whether you want to go for matte or shimmer bronzers is totally up to your choice?

10. Start eye makeup with base

  • To give the outstanding effect of eye shadow color that you use, it is always advisable to start your makeup with a white base. For this, you can use white-colored eye shadow, jumbo pencil, eyeliner.

11. Use scotch tape for eye makeup

  • Using scotch tape from your eye ends dragged to your end brows will make your eye makeup perfect and easy.

12. Eye shadow as an eyeliner

  • Thin eye shadow pencils or jumbo eye pencils not only work as eye shadows. But also eyeliners.

13. Eye pencil intense look

If your eye pencils are too light. And you want to give it an intense look and matt finish just hold the point of the pencil on a candle for a couple of minutes. Handy to use with intense ink.

Intense eye shadow:

 Want to have an intense look of eye shadow? Either wet your brush with water. Or spray fixing spray on eye shadow palette. Then, take eye shadow on a brush and apply.

14. Jumbo Eye Pencils

  • If you are bad at merging eye shadows with a brush. You can simply use jumbo pencils. Jumbo pencils are more handy and easy to use.

15. Sketch Eye Liner Pen

  • Those who find it difficult in applying liquid eyeliner can switch to sketch eyeliner. This eyeliner is easier to use. And best for beginners.

16.The Tip For Your Dried Up Mascara

It’s too irritating when you find that your mascara is dried. But never put yourself down. You can fix your dried mascara with few drops of eye lens solution.

17. The tip for your dried gel kajal

  • Gel liners are very effective and give an intense look. But as they exposed more often to air, they get dried very easily. But do not worry. Every pro comes with a con. To fix this con just microwave your gel kajal jar for 5-10 seconds. You will get the normal texture of the kajal back.

18. Make your glitter mascara

  • Take transparent mascara. Mix glitter eye shadow powder or eye glitter in it. Mix it. Apply it just like regular mascara. Your glittery eyelashes will surely seek everyone’s attention.

19.Eye Kajal

  • Kajal pencil should be dragged 3 times for that black intense effect. Start from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. Apply loose powder or brown eye shadow beneath your eyelids to prevent smudge. It can be applied by a brush. Use waterproof kajal pencil for a longer stay.

20. Waterproof Mascara

  • You should never use waterproof mascara. The sole reason being it’s difficult to remove it even with makeup remover. It may harm your eyelashes. Worst case maybe you also might lose a few of them.

Makeup Tips For Eye Brows

21. Shape Your Eye Brows

  • Take Vaseline on your fingertips. Apply it on your eyebrows. It will keep your eyebrows in proper shape the whole day.

22. Mascara brush for your brows

  • Mascara brush can act as a perfect comb for your brows. Just be cautious if the brush is not over-flooded with mascara. Do it with gentle hands.

23. Brown Eyebrow Pencil

  • Always prefer a brown eyebrow pencil over black. The reason behind it is black gives a very intense and clumsy look to your brows. Brown eye pencil will give you a natural look.

Makeup Tips For Lips

24. Base to your Lips

  • Even your lips need a base. To apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer to your lips. It will keep your lipstick to last for a longer time.

25. Lip Liner is must

  • Your lip shape depends totally on your lip liner. Also, lip liners are a must to prevent your lipstick from spreading. Proper lipstick can be applied only with the help of lip liner.

26. Make your lipstick stay longer

  • Every girl wants to make her lipstick stay for a longer time. This doesn’t mean you have to stay hungry for longer. Apply lipstick. Put a tissue paper over it. Now rub your lip portion with a brush on the tissue. Repeat this 2-3 times. This trick will surely make your lipstick to stay for a longer time. And also gives your lipstick a matt look.

27. Make your lipstick color

  • After applying lipstick, smudge it with an eye shadow powder and get a very unique color. Pink lipstick with silver eye shadow and proper smudging with the brush will give a rose gold color touch to your lipstick. You can also give glittery texture to your lipstick by smudging it with glitter eye shadows.
  • Also, you can use your pinkish shades lip crayon as blush.

28. Eyeliner as a lip liner

  • Your colored eyeliner can act as lip liners too.

29. Shining effect to your lips

  • Are you one who likes matt lipstick but wants them to shine? To give a shining effect to lips without a lip gloss-Apply your matt lipstick first. Now add highlighter on the upper and lower-middle portion. This will surely give your lips a shining look.

30. Make your lip balms

  • Take Vaseline in a spoon. Burn it on a candle flame. Now you can apply eye shadow powder of your choice. And make a unique colored lip balm of your choice. So be unique be different in lip color choice. And pout your lip colors with confidence to give a perfect click.

31. Fixing spray

  • Use fixing spray for the skin to fix and finish your makeup look.

32. Long-Lasting Effect of nail paint

  • To give long-lasting effects of nail paint-before applying nail paint dip your fingertips in vinegar. Then apply your nail paint.

Makeup Tips For Nail Paints

33. Make your nail polish color

  • Bored of the same colors of nail paint. And cannot every time afford to get a new color? Then make one for you. Apply nail paint. Till its wet dust it with eye shadow powder. You can use a brush for the same. You can use eye glitters for shimmery nail color. Pop your nail color in style every single day.

34. To keep your nail paints underwater

  • After applying nail paint put your hand under the running tap. By this, it gives shinning texture and it will take no time to dry your nail paint. You can also dip your hands in a bowl filled up with cold water.

35. Refrigerate your nail paints

  • Keep your nail paints in the refrigerator. This maintains its texture. And preserves them for a longer time.

36. Matte Look for your nail paints

  • You can give a matt texture to your nail paints. Just insert your hands above steamer or boiling water. Steam helps to give it a matt look. Also if you have applied many nail paint coats steaming helps to set them instantly.

37. Difficulty in removing glitter nail paints

  • When you apply glitter nail paints, it is difficult to even remove with your nail paint remover. And then your frustration level is on. We have simple tips for your calmness. Apply a coat of transparent nail paint to your nails before applying glitter nail paints. Keep a nail remover dipped cotton pad on your nails. Now cover your fingertips in silver foil paper. Just in a couple of minutes, glitters have disappeared from your nails.

Makeup Tips for Hair

38. Quickly dry your oily hair

  • Got to go out? But no time to wash your oily hair? We have a short cut solution to your problem. Just dust Johnson baby powder on your hair.

39. Hair serums

  • Hair serums should be used before ironing your hair. Spray before ironing your hair at home. Even heat-resisting hair sprays for women is a great option.

40. Baby Oil

  • Use Johnson baby oil for shiny and glow effect on face, hands, legs, and shoulders.

Makeup Tips For Makeup Products

41. The long-Lasting effect of perfume

  • For the long-lasting effect of perfume apply Vaseline on the prior basis on your pulse points. Then spray perfume. This will give your perfume long-lasting effects.

42. Makeup remover

  • Makeup remover is a must. Especially when you use waterproof makeup products. You can also use coconut oil or olive oil as a substitute for makeup remover. Just massage your face for 5 minutes and then wash.

43. Blending

  • Blending should be done properly with merging brush to avoid patches and give a natural look.

44. Brushes and sponges

  • Clean your brushes and sponges occasionally. To keep them away from bacteria and oil. Do not exchange your makeup products, brushes, and sponges with anyone. This can be the cause of skin allergies.

45. Quality Products

  • Use good quality makeup products and always check the expiry. Because face skin is most sensitive and never take ant risk. And we know ‘Precaution is better than cure’.Also, always go for the original version of products.

Top reasons to try your hands on these makeup tips

  • Every woman needs that extra touch of makeup to look glam that also with the best makeup tips and tricks.
  • Tried and tested makeup tips counts. Especially when you are in short of time, money and you do not want to put extra efforts in trial and testing sessions.
  • These makeup tips and tricks are so easy that can be done anytime by anyone.
  • Also, These makeup tips and tricks are very effective, especially for beginners.
  • You can follow our footsteps with any extra effort.
  • Again, these tired and tested makeup tips and tricks save your time. You can just read and follow them.

Makeup Tips FAQs

What to apply on face before makeup?

The best hack for this question is applying ice cubes on your face before any base.Ice cubes reduces large pores and also curbs production of excess oil.And also makes the skin surface very smooth.

Which is the best moisturizer before makeup?

Particularly, I will suggest Nivea Soft(Light Moisturizer). This is the best moisturizer. This moisturizer makes your skin extra smooth. And, also prepares a perfect base for makeup.

Which is the Best Primer for the face?

There is a wide range of Primers of different brands available. But, even any Aloe Vera Gel can also be the best primer option. Aloe Vera Gel not only budget-friendly primer but also chemical-free natural primer for makeup.


To conclude, these were the best 45 makeup tips that every Girl must know before trying your hands on makeup like a pro. Now, we hope you had a glance to know all about the makeup tips and tricks. Try your hands on and flaunt your makeup-glam look with confidence to seek all the attention. Did you try them out? If yes, let us know your experience.

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