The 5-minute Smokey Eye Makeup Indian

smokey eye makeup indian
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Smokey Eye makeup Indian at home that also in simple steps! Are you excited to learn? Then, keep reading this article to get that look of smokey eye makeup for Indian skin tone.

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I do agree that sometimes we refrain ourselves from many new trails and experiments. But on the contrary, the experiment is the best teacher so why not experiment with the Smokey eye effect at home right now.

 If you do not experiment with new trending things how will you understand what suits you and what not? Are you with me for that smokey eye makeup like a pro? Let’s get started-

What is Smokey Eye Makeup

bold smokey eyes
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For that bold and beautiful look of eyes, nothing can compete with the smokey eye makeup.

Smokey eye makeup is dark pigmented eye makeup usually done in black color. Generally, smokey eye makeup is chosen for the parties.

The top reason to try smokey eye makeup

To define your eye to make it look bold, beautiful, and pop out your eyes and dazzle yourself where you go.

Smokey eye makeup tips

  • You can choose any smokey base of your favorite brand and color as well. You can choose black, blue or bottle green color to create a smokey eye effect.
  • A very important step for smokey eye makeup is blending. The better you blend the best smokey eye effect you get. So blinding is the trick for smokey eye makeup.
  • Do not opt for many colors of eye shadows while creating a smokey eye effect.
  • Try keeping the darkest point at your Lash line.

The 5-Minute Smokey Eye Makeup Indian

smokey eye makeup
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Many people think that smokey eye makeup is difficult to do. But no it is not so. Today I will share very simple steps to do smokey eye makeup at home. Smokey eye makeup is best for any party look. It will surely captivate everyone and turn all the heads. The trick for smokey eye makeup is proper blending. Blending should be done in such a way that it should not look patch at all.

Face feature covered-Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes

Products you need

  • You must have a good blending brush
  • Eyeliner pencil/kajal(The liner should be visibly very dark and bold)
  • Transition color eye shadow
  • Eye kajal
  • Mascara

Please Note-

Transition Color Eye shadow- It is used to adjust the color of eye shadow into the other color.

Here is the Step by step guide for smokey eye makeup Indian

1. Primer

Prime your eyes with an eye shadow primer.

2. Translucent Powder

Set the Primer with the translucent powder. It is an optional step but I always prefer doing this step.

3. Smokey Eye Makeup

Step 1

Apply the Transition color all over the eyelid. As, the Smokey eye effect is dark and bold your application of transition color shouldalso, be dark.

Step 2

You can choose your own color preference for smokey eye effect. You can either use black, blue, or green for a smokey eye base. I personally prefer using black color for smokey eye makeup.

Apply the black color base and blend the base with the blending brush. You must blend in such a way that it should not look patchy. To throw more light, blend it very nicely on Eye crease.

Step 3

Now, take the transition color to apply on the crease with any small-sized brush.

You can prefer any black color eye shadow or black eyeliner pencil. Blend it very properly. Blending is the key to the smokey eye effect

Remember- Choose an eyeliner pencil that does not budge away. You can blend it with a good blending brush or even with the tips of your fingers. Now, the waiting time is over and bring your fingers out for the magic of a smoke effect. To be more clear smudge the lines drawn around the lashes with the fingers.

You can also prefer a blending brush or a smart tool that is attached to an eyeliner pencil. You should at least blend three times to get a better smoking effect on your eyes.

The better effect of your smokey eyes looks best with a good smudging. So, smudge it very properly.

Do not forget to repeat this 2-3 times for the dark smokey effect!

4. Eye Kajal

Girls have a committed relationship with kajal. Just a sweep of line and makeup wonders that kajal makes is unbelievable.

Steps to apply eye kajal-

  1. Always start applying kajal from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corner.
  2. Give small light strokes of kajal on your eyelids.
  3. Now, join those strokes together. Make it darker.
  4. You need to at least drag a kajal 3 times to give that perfect look like a pro.

After the upper eyelid now it’s time for the lower eyelid. Apply kajal in the lower lash line as directed above. Smudge with a blending brush. I would like to share a tip that always keeps your hands very soft and do not put a lot of pressure while the application of eye kajal.

Blend on and blend on and blend on!!

Outer corner

Now, it the time to cover outer corner of eyes. Keep blending on both the sides of you outer corners.

5. Sparkle Eye Shadow

This is totally an optional step. It is totally your preference if you want to add a sparkle shadow. Take a sparkle shadow and apply it on the eye crease area. You can also apply it with the tip of finger apply at it on your eyelids and give it the glitter smokey effect like a Pro.

5. Highlighter

Now it is the time to high light the inner corner of the eyes. You can either apply any highlighter or even golden/silver eye shadow. It should be very delicately applied. Highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes will highlight your smokey eyes and they will pop out with a glam look.

6. Mascara

If you are asked to skip one product in your makeup, then it should never be mascara. Because it is a must. Mascara is a top must-have makeup product. It is applied to eyelashes. Just a sweep of mascara will make your eyes look brighter and attractive that within seconds.

Products you need– Mascara.

Makeup Hack- If your mascara is dried you can fix it up with few drops of eye lens solution.

Face feature covered– Eye lashes

How to apply mascara like a pro

1. Wide-open your eye and start applying mascara from upper eyelashes.

2. Ensure that all the bristles are coated with mascara.

3. Apply it lightly on the roots of your lashes and then pull to the ends. It will increase the volume of eyelashes.

4. If your hand slips remove that extra mascara through make up remover.

7. Eyebrow Defining

What is eyebrow defining

It is a procedure of highlighting your eyebrows. To define and highlight your brows.

Products you need– Brown eyebrow pencil

Makeup hack– Apply Vaseline on your eyebrows for proper shape the whole day.

Face feature covered– Eye brows

How to apply eyebrow pencil like a pro

1. Move the brown pencil in the shape of the brows you want to have.

2. It should look natural so we are using a brown pencil.

FAQ’s on Smokey Eye Makeup Indian

How to do smokey eyes for brown eyes?

For brown eyes, you have to follow the same steps as mentioned above. Only the difference is instead of a black smokey base, you have to use a brown base and blend it properly. The result of this outcome is smokey brown eyes.

Can smokey eyes be done in the day time?

Yes, of course, it can be done. Why not? Nothing can captivate your eyes as much as smokey eyes can. Just a thing that you need to keep in mind while doing smokey eyes in the day time is the color technique. You need to be careful with the pigmentation of color while doing smokey eye effect.

Do smokey eye makeup suits everyone?

Yes, the bold and beautiful black smokey eye makeup suits everyone. It suits all skin tones- let it be dark or light. Nothing can replace eye makeup for parties other than smokey eyes.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the smokey eye effect, this was all about smokey eye makeup Indian. I know when you have such a bold eyeliner around your eyelashes it just gives a feeling of charcoal. Yes, I am sure it makes you resemble the diamond in the charcoal. Similarly, your smokey eye looks like a diamond in that black smokey effect. You will surely love this bold magic. The smoke effect will shortly give that type of look.

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