Step by Step Guide for Eyebrow Razoring

Are you the one who has missed the beauty parlor the most in lockdown? Because of lockdown, you could not manage to go to the beauty parlor to groom yourself. Then, you felt the necessity of grooming yourself. This article is all about Eyebrow Razoring – Anytime and anywhere and free of cost. Just know a simple step to step guide and have a eyebrows done just like a beauty parlor.

Stay updated with fashion and say hi to eyebrow razors. Threading and plucking in beauty parlors have become outdated now. Get the perfect shaped eyebrow of your choice at home and that also with spending extra money.

I am sharing a simple guide with 15 steps for shaping an eyebrow with razor. Cannot resist from reading it all then let’s not waste more time and start with the steps.

What is Eyebrow Razoring?

The eyebrow razoring is a process where an eyebrow is done with an eyebrow razor. To tell it clearly and in more detail, an eyebrow razor is different from the razor that we use on our legs or underarm areas. Generally, these types of razors are not safe to use on your face. So, you must use only an eyebrow razor that also of good quality to shape your eyebrows.

An eyebrow razor is very small compared to of regular razor that is used for the legs and underarm area. Also, it has a long blade at the top. A comfortable handle to hold and do your razoring of eyebrows. You can find an eyebrow razor of various sizes and shapes like square or rectangular. You can choose it as per your choice for razoring eyebrow.

The best eyebrow razors I will suggest for razoring eyebrow listed below-

  • Tinkle eyebrow razor
  • Revlon Brow Set
  • Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

Eyebrow Razoring in 15 Easy Steps

Now, let us have a look on the steps with detailed information for razoring eyebrow. The simple guide with steps for shaping an eyebrow with razor is as listed below.

Step 1:  Purchase a Razor which is especially for eyebrows

You must purchase good quality razors which are specially meant for razoring of eyebrows. The reasons for eyebrows and for that of legs and under areas are different. So do not get confused among the different types of razors. Purchase only the razor that is meant for specially for eyebrows.

Step 2:  Clean your face

The very first step for eyebrow razoring is to clean your face very properly. You can clean your face with a face wash. Dry clean it with the towel. The reason to start cleaning your face is that the bacteria of acne or blemishes that are present on your face should not spread on other areas of your face.

Step 3: Brush the eyebrows

With the fine brush or a spoolie the first step is to brush the eyebrow in an outward direction.

Step 4: Prep Your Brows

You cannot directly take an eyebrow razor and start shaping your eyebrows. You must do a pre hand preparation before your razoring eyebrows. The preparation includes wiping your face with warm water which makes your brow hair loose. Just remember that the water should not be too warm and you must use lukewarm water.  The steam of luke warm water helps to open the hair fossils. Also, it helps in the opening pores on your face and near your eyebrow area.

This step of prepping your brows makes your eyebrow razoring an easy job with the perfect desired eyebrow shape.

Step 5: Moisturize

It’s a time to moisturize the area besides your brows. You can use any moisturizer of your choice to moisturize. I will recommend Nevia Soft Cream – Believe me it is the best to face moisture suitable for all types of skin. Cover all the portions around your eyebrows. The upper part of your brow as well as the underneath part of your brow and the middle portion of your brow. The reason to apply the motion as there is to protect your skin at the time of razoring. The use of moisturizer will make the razoring process smooth and quick process.

Step 6: Outline your brow

This is a vital step in razoring eyebrow. Before shaping an eyebrow with razor outline it. You have to draw a perfect shape in which you want to shape your eyebrows. Be very cautious while setting a stencil for your eyebrow. Because if you go wrong in this step the shape of your eyebrow may not be correct. You can use an eyebrow pencil to outline your brows. If you do not have an eyebrow pencil you can also use a white pencil. After setting a stencil of your eyebrows brush your Bros once so that it is easy to identify the extra hairs of the brows.

Step 7: Use little oil if required

If required then you can use a very little amount of facial oil. You are supposed to apply this facial oil besides your brow areas. So that eyebrow razor can very easily glide on your skin. If the outline erases you can line it again.

Step 8: Hold your brow skin properly

To remove very small hair from your brow you must hold your skin very tightly while using an eyebrow razor. This will help you get more detailed and close eyebrow razoring.

Step 9: Trim the upper area of the brow

After outlining your brows the first step is to trim the upper area of your brows. Hold your skin tightly and taunt your eyebrows. After that move your eyebrow razor in the same direction where the hair grows. Be cautious that the Razor doesn’t harm you anywhere or causes any cuts.

Step 10: Now trim the middle portion of the eyebrows

While doing eyebrow razoring you must be very cautious and relaxed. You should not rush at all. Rushing can harm you. Once you are done with the upper area of the brow, wipe of your unwanted hair with a wet towel.

It’s time to focus on the middle portion of your brows. The middle portion of the process should be compulsorily cleaned without which your eyebrow razoring process is not complete. Holding your razor at the proper angle removes the hairs from the middle portion.

Step 11: Razor underneath area of brows

Now it’s time to shave your underneath area of brows. While doing the underneath area you should start from the point which is high on the arch. Cut the hair over them very carefully. The razor is to be moved in the downward direction. It is better than if you apply some amount of energy while dragging it down.

Taking off the hair from upper side, underneath and middle of the brow will help in arching the eyebrow with razor.

Step 12: Check with both eyebrows whether they are similar

Do the same procedure with both your eyebrows. Once you are done with both the eyebrows look forward that both the eyebrows are symmetrical. They are not similar you can adjust your points and make them look similar. It is a must criteria that both the eyebrows should look similar in shape and size. If there are any extra hairs trim them out.

Step 13: Clean your brows

Now, clean your brows with a clean wet towel. So that all the hair is wiped off with the towel.

Step 14: Trim extra long hair using a scissor

After wiping off with a wet towel if there is some extra hair then you can cut them with the help of a scissor.

Step 15: Final eyebrow look with a Razor

So, here is your eyebrow look with the help of razor ready without any plucking or threading. Well done!! You are independent now to groom yourself. Flaunt your eyebrows which are shaped by you. You must practice razoring your eyebrows at least one time a week to maintain a proper shape.

Are eyebrow razoring safe to practice?

Razoring Eyebrow is absolutely safe to use the razor. Just you need to know the proper technique to do it. It is a super easy stuff to do. Just you need to be extra careful and do not rush. Though razor is a small device but it makes a big difference on your face. Not only look wise but it saves extra penny and time also.


To conclude, this was all about razoring eyebrow that also just in 15 simple steps. Hope now razoring eyebrow is no more tuff job for you. With your head held straight high, you can proudly say, Yes I can do it! No more plucking and threading stuff.

I hope now you can do perfect eyebrows with proper shape yourself at home with razoring eyebrow process. Share with me how was your experience doing eyebrow with a razor.

Just be extra careful while using the razor. Take Care!

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